Music Recording
For bands and artists.
Soundtrack and Composition
Custom made music for film and theatre.
Voice-over Recording and Editing
For all video, radio, commercials or any other application.
Sound Design & Special FX
Sound and effects engineering for any A/V or rich media internet application.
Audio for Video Postproduction
Postproduction for film, television, animation, interactive and more.
Analog/Digital Mastering
Audio mastering for TV, radio, CD, DVD, 12" etc.
Corporate Audio Presentations
Custom sound design for corporate presentations, brands and trademarks.
Music Prototyping
For interactive applications and video games.
Audio Consulting
For studio and acoustic systems design, pro audio gear and recording, etc.
Audio Restauration
Restoring and enhancing dialog, music and soundtracks.
Format Conversions and Archiving
Cross format and platform conversions and archiving.